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Use a metal fence garden fencing


A metal fence is safe first investment, which is slightly more expensive, as a simple Garden fence wire mesh or a simple Holzzaun.
Over time, however, the perspective is, it must be reworked or less about how the wooden fence, be repainted.


Der Metallzaun Eingang

Driveway with metal garden fence

But the visual impression is also another, depending on the version you can here speaking of original artwork.

Works of art, that stand out as fencing for high-quality land. And art is not as well known to lose value, many even gain in value over time.


Garden fence metal

Metalläune are becoming increasingly popular for many years. The modern home builders also knows, that the external appearance of his property, next planting the fence and the open space, strongly depends on the garden fence. And there is a beautifully crafted metal fence is a perfect showcase for the home side.

Together with a stone- or turf makes the metal fence by his cool outfit often a very noble figure and on top of that very easy to care for. Also you can make simple special solutions for this kind of fences. About a bulge for a parking lot, which can be seen on the following image.


Wrought Eisene metal fences



Sonderausführung eines Metallzaunes

Bent custom-made metal garden fence

A wrought-iron metal fence counts as already mentioned, to the slightly more expensive garden fence styles. A price from about 80-100 Euros for the-by an expert- installed current meters, of course highly dependent on the amount, can reasonably be put.

Often one also comes in higher price ranges, depending on individual design is up here, as always, everything is open. But then you already comes mostly priced closer to the steel fence, of course, can also show its advantages, as in Products for stainless steel fence is shown.


The double rod Matt fence as a cheap alternative


A fairly simple, but also frequently sighted metal fence comes naturally much cheaper, as an example, here is a Doppelstabmattenzaun call to, in which 25 Meter ab etwa 550 Cost EUR.

Der Zaun aus Doppelstabmatten


This kind of fences are not only found in the private sector. Even with many corporate campuses and public facilities, about sports facilities, comes the double rod Matt fence to use.

One advantage is, that is to build this fence type quite fast. You need depending on the length of the mat in the floor for anchoring support post. The fence for garden and industry is robust and weatherproof.

A color matching to your taste is also possible, by brush or spray the metal fencing with special color.


Double rod Matt fence with privacy

Do you want to achieve increased Blickschutz, so you can still embed a view tarpaulin between the bars, so is your system completely opaque.
The picture shows an example of such built-in black fence with tarpaulin.


In the Shop Gartenzaun.org We have integrated some of the cheaper metal fences.

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