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Aluzäune and privacy walls

Aluminum profile systems for privacy walls and fences


This new form of the profile fence series offers some advantages such as high strength, Coatings in RAL colors and wood optics, course abrasion resistant.

By Clean and profile statements and accessories such as glass holder, the Aluzaun profile system can be ideal for carports, Conservatories, Use fences and Sichtuschtzwände. Even modern design sheet can be used here and is in use best visual results.

They value a modern, appealing look at her garden fence? Then there are no limits with Aluprofilzaunsystemen set in the design.


Beipielfoto: Funktionsnuten, 3-fold corner connector


In the functional grooves about any fillings, up to a width of 20 mm are recorded.

Width panels attach easily with the help of special system connectors.

However, an offset of inserted into the grooves fence elements may, without further processing to the angle of 30 Degree be compensated.

Combine as complete privacy prefabricated elements, Bambuspaneelen, or a variety of profiles with the Alusystempfosten. So make sure you get the perfect look for your individual garden fence.

Depending on the type of filling all screw connections are hardly or not visible. Also, privacy screens (inserted into the profile) can be installed without disturbing the joints between posts and filling element.

In this short video you can see the quality and the advantages of the fence system with aluminum profiles: Aluzäune and view protection profile systems

Use this Aluzaun profile systems combine glass, Wood, Metal, or Rattanelemente. And the, without having to self drilling or welding. Exclusively with plug- and screw comes out this fence system. It is also designed, that can be lateral or vertical offsets to compensate completely without tools.


Aluminum profile fence with wood slats

The connecting parts required for assembly can also be integrated, that you can see from the outside no connections. Thus you will get through this intelligent plug-in system a homogeneous, optical genius Zaunfront.

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